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OMAPURE Omega-3, Ultra Pure Fish Oil, 120 Softgels

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OMAPURE Ultra Pure Fish Oil Supplement

  • Ultra Pure Omega-3
    - Each softgel contains 78% Omega-3 fatty acids (70% EPA/DHA).
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
    - Molecularly distilled USP-verified fish oil.
  • Independently Tested
    - Tested by outside lab to ensure absence of mercury, PCBs, and dioxins.

Maximum Strength Omega-3:
EPA and DHA are by far the two most important active ingredients in an Omega-3 fish oil supplement. OMAPURE, is highly purified to give you 70% EPA/DHA. In comparison, the natural OMAPURE formula contains 3-5 times the amount of EPA found in most other brands.

Safe Choice:
OMAPURE's pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 is molecularly distilled, resulting in the highest quality, purity, and safety. The final product is manufactured in a US state-of-the-art drug licensed facility. The makers of OMAPURE then independently test to ensure the absence of mercury, dioxins, and other contaminants.

Each OMAPURE fish oil batch is tested by the most reputable and stringent third party testing lab, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), to ensure the highest purity, safety, cleanliness, concentration, and stability.

It's natural, safe, and proven. Order OMAPURE today and get moving again!

Each bottle of OMAPURE comes with 120 pharmaceutical grade softgels (1000 mg). The daily dose may be taken as two doses (2 softgels taken twice) or a single dose (4 softgels taken at once). It is recommended, but not necessary, to take OMAPURE prior to a meal with water.

OMAPURE Supplement Facts

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