The Humble Co., Dental Floss Picks with Grip Handle - Charcoal, 50 pcsZoom

The Humble Co., Dental Floss Picks with Grip Handle - Charcoal, 50 pcs

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The Humble Co. Dental Floss Picks with Grip Handle - Charcoal

floss picks made entirely from plastics?
Old school.

Made with cornstarch as the main ingredient, our plant-based floss picks make flossing a piece of cake! The mint-flavored thread ensures that food debris is effectively removed, while the natural charcoal infusion helps remove stains and discolorations. Thanks to its ergonomically-designed handle, this floss pick promotes easy access to those hard-to-reach places.

The extra strong, shred-resistant thread makes the floss pick reusable. Simply rinse and store in a dry place between usage, just as with your toothbrush.

  • 53% plant-based materials
  • Free from BPA and PFAS
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Dentist-approved

Ingredients & Materials:
Handle made of a mix of plant-based materials and polypropylene (PP).
Nylon thread.
Natural aroma from Mentha Piperita.

How to Use:
Gently remove the hidden nasties by working between every tooth, right below the gumline. Use daily before brushing your teeth by sliding the floss between the side of every tooth.

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